About us

Twickelerveld Intelligence and Investgations is a Schiphol Airport  based company with the capacity to provide governments, corporate business and private customers with  a range of advisory and investigative services. Twickelerveld conducts generic and applied risk assessment, develops effective and practical solutions for safety and security related problems, and, more specifically, executes in depth multidisciplinary (threat) analysis on demand.  We rely upon an international network of experienced young professionals with a background in law enforcement, intelligence, policing, military operations and academic safety and security analysis. A staff of consultants with expertise ranging from policy making and advanced criminology to cyber security and counterterrorist operations provides us with the opportunity to be current, exclusive and distinctive.

  • (Generic) Policy Advisory
  • Policy Implementation
  • (Applied) Risk Analysis
  • Scenario Building and Scenario Perspectives
  • (Applied) Intelligence Analysis
  • Safety and Security Education & Training
  • (Social) Network Analysis
  • Basic Intelligence Analysis
  • Target Centric Analysis
  •  Network Facilitation (Euro-Atlantic)
  • Counterterrorism (CT) Solutions
  • Expert Opinion (Media)