Student Reviews (79)

"Excellent course and thoroughly recommended. It allowed me an opportunity to consider a wealth of information to provide greater thought and clarity around terrorism, the impact, and investigative opportunities. All those involved in the delivery had extensive experience, information and knowledge gained through years of practical and academic studies, delivered in a way that made sense. I would fully recommend attending this course. The greatest opportunities to gain further insight was through the discussion and dialogue to extract even more information from the presenters."

Tony Blockley, Derby University, International Policing and Justice Institute, UK, March 2015. 

"I especially liked the broad, overall handling of Terrorism; lectures included both Financial and Cyber Security matters. Personally I always like to hear real case studies from real practices. There were some during the course and very interesting ones. Overall assessment is, it was a good course."

Tanel Tiks, Police and Border Guard College, Estonia, March 2015. 

"The course was for me a chance to break with the theoretical frameworks and be initiated to the logics of the field. I took away from this course, not only pure knowledge, but also awareness of the need to change my way of thinking. Cyber Security and Financial Intelligence, for their parts, were an amazing discovery, especially since it was made quite accessible by the speakers. Therefore I found the whole course very much challenging and interesting and it helped me to broaden my professional horizons."

Fanny Trenteseaux, Chaire InBev-Baillet Latour, Belgium, March 2015. 

"A great course. It enhanced my knowledge and understanding of the concept and application of Counterterrorism as well as the use of Financial Intelligence and Cyber Security in fighting Terrorism."

Anders Sandberg, International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Netherlands, March 2015. 

"During the Counterterrorism (CT) and Applied Intelligence Course I had the opportunity to learn from an experienced professional who could bring knowledge and experience to the table. It is a must do for professionals in the Security and Counterterrorism business."

Ivan Roos, BrookRose, Netherlands, March 2015. 

"I enjoyed the dedicated lessons and was very satisfied with the material. I furthermore enjoyed the variety of three completely different types of presenters."

Henrik Schou, Danish National Police, Denmark, March 2015. 

"Insightful and thought provoking. Highly skilled and experienced professionals sharing their knowledge in a 'what works' manner."

Jonathan Sherriff, European Union (EU) Special Investigative Task Force (SITF), Belgium, December 2015. 

"The course was very interesting. I've learned a lot and will be able to take a lot back to work. Would gladly attend similar trainings in the future."

Christine V., Eurojust, Netherlands, December 2015. 

"This course is a good start into intelligence. It gives a useful overview for participants in the field of Counterterrorism (CT) and linked phenomenons. It helps to understand the necessity of cooperation and exchange of information. Fresh and at all time interesting presentations. Keep it like it is."

Manfred Pennartz, State Criminal Police North-Rhine Westphalia (Landeskriminalamt), Germany, December 2015. 

"Very good content and great presentations. Great participation from everyone."

Senior Intelligence Officer, Ministry of the Interior, Qatar, December 2015. 

"No matter what level you're on, you will get lots of important and useful information from this course. Presentations, methods and examples are relevant for the time period and the problems we are facing. Great presentations with animations, films and information in relevant context. Including one of the best Cyber Security presentations I have ever seen."

Intelligence Officer, Swedish National Police, Sweden, December 2015. 

"Very good course!"

Augusto Carvalho, INTERPOL, France, December 2015.  

"Very good. I liked this course a lot."

Senior Investigator, Police and Border Guard Board, Cybercrime and Digital Evidence Division, Estonia, December 2015. 

"The course provides a good overview of intelligence threats, requirements and patterns in todays Counterterrorism (CT) world. The presenters are well informed, full of character and very engaging. The organisation and welcome has been superb and the networking effect is really valuable."

Senior Officer, National Crime Agency (NCA), UK, December 2015. 

"The course was very well organised, informative, and supported by abundant materials, which helped me to develop my knowledge and understanding on the subject matter. It was a great opportunity for meeting people from different fields working on this subject matter. Fascinating presentations providing excellent insights into different aspects of terrorist financing. Thoroughly enjoyed the presentations."

Kanae Kanki, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Netherlands, December 2015.  

"The course was organized on a very high level and the presentations gave me a lot of information on Counterterrorism (CT) and Applied Intelligence. Very good, very clear and the content was very interesting."

Adam Benc, Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic, Slovakia, December 2015. 

"An interesting and diverse overview on terrorist operations and intelligence, with the added opportunity to meet different law enforcement personnel from various jurisdictions. "

Ruth Gauci, Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Malta, Malta, December 2015. 

"Dynamic and interesting presentations, committed and enthusiastic. Presenting indicators connected to actual cases. Overall a well organised course with very nice downloadable material."

Henrik Mansson, Swedish Prison and Probation Services, Security Division, Sweden, December 2015. 

"Good course overall, easy to understand, content interesting and principles are relevant. Venue, setup of room and location were all very good."

Senior Officer, National Crime Agency (NCA), UK, December 2015. 

"Very good, especially very good and convincing presentations."

Bernd Günther, State Criminal Police North-Rhine Westphalia (Landeskriminalamt), Germany, December 2015. 

"Overall a good course, communicated well, clearly presented and easy to understand."

Marc Simms, Freelance writer and PhD-candidate, UK, December 2015. 

"The Course was well organized, very interesting and provided me with a great deal of information in regards to security and intelligence. I really recommend this course to students in security studies, as it helped me significantly on my Master´s thesis. Amazing slides, interesting stories and I appreciated the use of maps."

Sivan Ghasem, American Graduate School of Paris, France, June 2016. 

"A very informative, introductory level course, designed to improve the awareness and understanding of key topics in Counterterrorism (CT) and the intelligence process. Clear delivery with good use of current 'unclass' examples. Good introduction to the dark web and current state sponsored (cyber) threats. Excellent grasp of the topics, good progression through concepts by using nodal mapping elements."

Frédéric Maurette, Director Critical Infrastructure Resilience, Paladin Security Group, Canada, June 2016. 

"A lot of knowledge and experience expressed in his class. Very good language and skills within 'how to lecture'. "

Senior Police Officer, Norwegian National Police, Immigration Department, Norway, December 2016.  

"I am very satisfied with the training! Super! I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues in Sweden. Will we have a follow up course? Could be an idea? "

Pierre Westen, European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) to the Ukraine, Ukraine, December 2016. 

"Recommended course for private sector as well! Good presentations, balanced mix between theory, terrorism, counterterrorism, intelligence and practical real time examples. Overall, very useful. Good organization. It's about content and networking. "

Charlie Suilen, Proseco Global Security, Heineken, Netherlands, December 2016. 

"Effective training regarding the difficulties in the Law Enforcement Community. Abundant content and variation. "

Aquiles Lopez, Dutch Caribbean Police Force, Bonaire, December 2016. 

"I very much appreciated the wide scope of the course and different angles (operative intelligence, cyber security and money laundering) of the counterterrorism (CT) presentations. "

Merit Jacobson, Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Estonia, December 2016. 

"Excellent course. Excellent presentations skills. "

Maksym Budakov, European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) to the Ukraine, Ukraine, December 2016. 

"A huge reservoir of inspiration. Great presentations and lectures. "

Tomas Zeman, University of Defence, Ministry of Defence, Czech Republic, December 2016. 

"This is a challenging course and very interesting as many different topics are being taught within three days. The tutors are real experts in their respective fields. I really recommend this course to everyone who has to deal with terrorism related topics at work. Very good focus on non-native speakers as well."

Senior Intelligence Officer, Bundesminsterium des Innern (BMI), Germany, April 2017. 

"Great content, great language, great presentations! Great Work!"

Michel van Simaeys, Security Officer, National Bank Belgium (NBB), Belgium, April 2017. 

"Very good course, adequate and fast. Overall a very relevant course."

Senior Intelligence Officer, National Intelligence Service (NIS), Kenya, April 2017. 

"The course was really interesting and provided useful information in various fields. The lectures are very professional. The communication was detailed and very clear. I encourage the organisation to continue this course."

Private Security Consultant Brussels (Belgium), Romania, April 2017. 

"Very interesting course content, good classes. Very glad to be here and get to know a lot of new and useful information. Very great course!"

Oleksii Yatsun, Ukrainian National Police, Department of Economic Protection, Ukraine, April 2017. 

"The course was excellent, lots of information in a very short time. Excellent language and good presentations."

Senior Intelligence Officer, Financial Intelligence Center (FIC), Ghana, April 2017. 

"Very good course with useful content!"

Senior Intelligence Officer, National Intelligence Service (NIS), Kenya, April 2017. 

"A very informative insight into the world of (military) intelligence and financial intelligence that I had not had previously. Interesting subject matter delivered by knowledgeable lecturers."

Daniel Baquero, Securitas Security Services, UK, April 2017. 

"Content: very rich. Language: good. Presentations: good. The course was very informative and thought provoking. "

Senior Intelligence Officer, National Intelligence Service (NIS), Kenya, April 2017. 

"The course was very educative, very informative and easy to understand."

Senior Intelligence Officer, Financial Intelligence Center (FIC), Ghana, April 2017. 

"Good and interesting lectures on Financial Intelligence and evaluation of past conclusions."

Senior Intelligence Officer, Swedish Security Service, Sweden, April 2017. 

"An interesting and varied course containing nuggets of insight worth the price of admission. Good and engaging."

Security Consultant, United Arabic Emirates (UAE) Government, Australia, April 2017. 

"During the Counterterrorism (CT) and Applied Intelligence Course I had the opportunity to learn more about the core of Financial Intelligence and Cyber Security issues and how these are used and abused by terrorists. Very well organised and intensive course."

Trevor Calafato, Malta University, Malta, April 2017. 

"Very good and interesting presentation on Financial Intelligence. Skilled speaker."

Senior Police Officer, Swedish National Police, Sweden, April 2017. 

"Vast amount of examples and known cases shown in a very interesting way to grasp the phenomenon of terrorism. Insight in the causes, modus operandi, effects and how to deal with terrorist threats on the operational level; how to act as an intelligence analyst and how to become even more aware."

Senior Intelligence Officer, Coordination Unit Threat Analysis (CUTA), Belgian Federal Police, Belgium, April 2017. 

"This course is very good to get a broader view on counterterrorism, cyber crime and terrorism financing. The are many real life examples which makes the course much more interesting. It makes you think about things you never thought about before and helps you to think outside the box. Presentations were vivid and fascinating. Lots of useful information. Language was very good and easy to understand. Amazing skills to engage you to the topics."

Financial Intelligence Officer, Police and Border Guard College, Estonia, December 2017. 

"Good intelligence course. Highly recommended. Thorough content and great interaction."

Jasper Weijman, CEO Bavak Security Group, Netherlands, December 2017. 

"I really enjoyed the overal course, everything was in place. Perfect way of targeting the audience, very interesting presentations."

Senior CT-officer, Kosovo National Police, Kosovo, December 2017. 

"For sure one of the best courses on counterterrorism and intelligence that you can attend. In-depth presentations and really professional speakers from whom you learn a lot. A lot of knowledge and field experience which is always a 'plus'. Well structured presentations, illustrative anecdotes, good communicator, capable of keeping the interest of the audience. I would like to see a second part of the course in the near future, for those participants who have already taken part in this course."

Javier Yagüe, Private Consultant, Spain, December 2017. 

"Content and presentations are 'alive', content is 'here and now', all very good."

Senior Intelligence Officer, Royal Dutch Military Police, Netherlands, December 2017. 

"Very inspiring course with abundant information on the subject. I recommend this course to any professional in the field. It gives you a lot of information, very good working environment, focused!"

Stephan Sieber, SwissAllsecurity, Switzerland, December 2017. 

"Very useful course to enhance, enlighten and refresh on threat and find common ground to neutralize it given its transnational nature."

Counterterrorist and Intelligence Officer, Namibia, December 2017. 

"Everything was perfect, content, language, very interactive."

Senior CT-officer, Kosovo National Police, Kosovo, December 2017. 

"Course objectives were clearly presented, the course was intellectually very challenging. Ideas and concepts explained clearly. Excellent course with even more fantastic speakers. One of the best courses I've ever seen."

Naim Hoxha, OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Kosovo, December 2017. 

"Very useful, with good variety, perfect location and room for participation. Content was 'up to date'. Will promote this event to members within my network. Many compliments to the layout of the slides.' Thanks for this opportunity."

Intelligence Professional, Trapital, Netherlands, December 2017. 

"The overall deliverance of the course was excellent. A broad overview of intelligence, counterterrorism and related subjects. The capacity of the experts was outstanding and will contribute possitively to my knowledge and output. I appreciated the case studies presented. Excellent and well prepared presentations. Engagement of participants at all times."

Eduard Cloete, Namibia, December 2017. 

"I found the course very interesting and 'my bag is heavier now' with key knowledge, information and ideas."

Jean-Pierre Keller, Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP), Switzerland, December 2017. 

"Three days filled with expertise, experience and highly informative references with, for instance, fantastic lectures on financial intelligence"

Moris de Graaf, Cyber Security Manager, Netherlands, May 2018. 

"A must for every CTER Officer. An eyeopener! Very complete presentations. Very inspiring!"

Senior Intelligence Officer, Dutch National Police, Netherlands, May 2018. 

"Three days full of relevant information about terrorism (and more). Excellent concepts and conceptualization. Thank you very much for three interesting and pleasant days."

Strategic Analyst, FEDPOL, Switzerland, May 2018. 

"Inspirational course and inspiring speakers. Great opportunity to aqcuire up-to-date practical and applied knowledge on Counterterrorism and Intelligence and additionally to meet professionals from the field of CT. I would highly recommend this course to security professionals with a focus on terrorism or organised crime. Excellent training! "

Alexandra Ursu, SWIFT, Romania, May 2018. 

"I am really thankful for the knowledge, graphics, data and experience which you shared with us in these three days. In this part I would like to say that thanks to this course I experienced the best lectures in my life. I liked the connection with the audience."

Bartlomiej Tuszczynski, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Poland, May 2018. 

"This 3-day course gives you a great introduction and understanding into Counterterrorism, Intelligence and Awareness not found elswhere. Presentations were clear and easy to follow. The content was intriguing and integrated well with expert knowledge."

Mark Hampson, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, UK, May 2018. 

"Great course with current examples!"

Senior Intelligence Officer, FEDPOL, Switzerland, May 2018. 

"Great course providing added value no matter what background or level of knowledge you have. Very welcoming staff and presenters. Excellent for extending your network. Presentations were very balanced."

Oliver Heeb, Security and Prevention, Department of Health and Social Affairs, Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland, May 2018. 

"Threats and security in Europe are constantly changing: a necessary course to keep up! The course will provide you with tools which you can instantly apply in your company (or organisation)."

Michel van Manen, HBO Security, Netherlands, May 2018. 

"In order to perform our training with regards to searching and dealing with IEDs it's good to keep the knowledge of the terrorist groups, and their ideas, up to standard. By following the CT-training I've gained a wealth of information and practical knowledge in the field of (counter) terrorism and cybercrime. Never a dull moment!"

Jan Kapel, REASeuro, Netherlands, August 2018. 

"Passionate presentations, language is perfect and content full with practical examples. Content on financial intelligence was what I was looking for, something I need to use on a daily base at work."

Marko Vahtra, Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Estonia, December 2018. 

"Very good course, also in relation to general awareness"

OSINT Officer, Royal Dutch Military Police, Netherlands, December 2018. 

"Perfect course for professionals in the field. A good balance between theory and practice. Highly recommended since it is taught by experts who give a different view concerning terrorism and intelligence. Excellent presentations, many presentation techniques are used. The constant movements, strong and clear voice helped me paying attention the whole time. The audience was included in the presentations with personal anecdotes, referring to others and by asking questions which made everything very interactive."

Yuri Lesueur, Italy, Safety and Security Management, December 2018. 

"I can highly recommend this high quality course to everyone who works in Law Enforcement, an eye-opener for all organisational levels. "

Senior Security Advisor and Expert, TU Delft, Netherlands, December 2018. 

"Awesome! I've learned a lot. The case studies were very insightful"

Rachel Aimakhu, International Public Management, Nigeria, December 2018. 

"Attending the Counterterrorism course really broadend my horizon and added some new perspective. Definitely worth to attend, no matter what you do, let it be Law or Law Enforcement. Great speaker, time flies when this speaker talks. Learned a lot. Loved the practical exercise (of one of the other speakers) on money laundering."

Sharon Rausch, International Law, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, December 2018. 

"A very interesting course!"

Tommy Hamelink, Dutch National Police, Netherlands, December 2018. 

"Greatful for the amount of familiarity I felt with most of the topics delivered. Good content in the slides. I would be greatful to attend these sessions again if another opportunity presents itself in the near future!"

Michael Kituu, Safety and Security Management, Kenya, December 2018. 

"Interesting, relevant and well-communicated lectures. The recent and detailed case-studies make the lectures that much better. Very interesting and eye-opening course! The contemporary and detailed case-studies are good familiarisation into a very pertinent subject. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in intelligence and counterterrorism. "

Senior Intelligence Officer, International Organisation, Canada, December 2018. 

"A must go for professionals and researchers to get a great and profound comprehensive overview on international terrorism. Furthermore the course gave vital insights about intelligence gathering techniques to counter terrorism now and in the future. Therefore it's crucial for professionals working in the field. Great venue, great location and networking drinks."

Paolo Walcher, Safety and Security Management, Germany, December 2018. 

"Very good course, lots of practical examples. High level English. Hands on, great case analysis"

OSINT Officer, Ministry of Defence, Netherlands, December 2018. 

"Excellent and insightful. The course summarized real-world threats in a way that was easy to follow given the complexity of the international environment as it related to security concerns. Info was current and applicable, relevant to my interests. Animated and entertaining presenters. I really enjoyed the course, I'm glad I made the long trip! "

University Professor, United States, December 2018.