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The following 'bio's' have been attached as a brief introduction to the authors:

Victorine M. Hage 

Victorine M. Hage is a graduate of Safety and Security Management in the Hague with a focus on Terrorism and Counterterrorism, Conflict and Peace-building. Geopolitics and International Relations. She completed an internship at the George C. Marshall Center (GCMC) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany) working for the Program on Terrorism and Security Studies (PTSS), and did the CBRN course at NATO Oberammergau (Germany).

Additionally she worked at the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) in Brussels (Belgium), as a Cyber Program Manager, during which she spoke at NATO Defence College in Rome (Italy) on NATO Intelligence sharing in cyber. She is currently pursuing a Master degree in Russian and Eurasian Studies at Leiden University.

China-Russia Relations

From Nuclear Detterence to Strategic Cyber Arms

Jan van Dorp 

Jan van Dorp is a recent graduate from University College London with an MSc in Security Studies (distinction awarded). Prior to his studies in the United Kingdom he completed an English-taught Bachelor of Arts at the University College Utrecht, where he specialised in political science and geography.

In 2015, he furthermore completed an internship at the Defense Department of the Netherlands Embassy in the United States. In Washington he researched various applications of emerging military technologies to counterinsurgency operations. His main interests include military operations, intelligence, security policy and (counter) terrorism.

Do They Punch Above Their Weight? A Role Theory Analysis of Dutch Foreign and Defense Policy

The Brussels Wall and a European Security Architecture: NATO-EU Cooperation in the Context of the Ukrainian Crisis

The Terminator and the Taliban: Assessing the Impact of Emerging Military Technologies on Counterinsurgency Operations

Geert de Bruijn 

Geert de Bruijn is currently working at the Frankfurt am Main (Germany) Refugee Management Department. His previous posting was at the Fire Brigade in Offenbach (Germany) as well as Frankfurt am Main. He studied at The Hague University of Applied Sciences at the Safety and Security Management Studies (SSMS) department where he wrote his thesis in German on 'Early Warning' (see attachment).

Additionally Geert is working as a Security Supervisor with the Christian organisation Operation Mobilisation (OM) Germany during the annual teenager congress TeenStreet. His task is to maintain the safety of the participants and voluntary workers whilst leading and training a 40 member team during the event.

Bevölkerungswarnung: Grundlagen zur Entwicklung eines Warnkonzeptes in Deutschland und in den Niederlanden

Daphny Roggeveen 

Bio will be posted soon.

The Security Dilemma: A Case Study on India and Pakistan -

Democracy and Democratization: Analyzing the Conflicts Between India and Pakistan -

Itay Ron 

Itay Ron works as a consultant and intelligence analyst at MAX-Security Solutions Ltd., a geopolitical risk advisory firm in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he deals with security and political developments in Sub-Saharan Africa. He holds an M.A. in European Studies from the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf (Germany), where he participated in a joint Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian Master Program. He wrote his thesis on the role of Political Islam in the EU.

Prior to that, Itay graduated from the Lauder School of Government Diplomacy & Strategy in the interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, after studying governance and politics with a special focus on Middle Eastern Studies, Homeland Security, and European Studies (B.A.). Recently, Itay participated in en Executive Training Program at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (Austria).

The Role of Political Islam in the European Union: Source or Obstacle for Societal Integration?

NATO's future Maritime policy as an indispensable part of Europe’s strategic "Wall of Defense”?'

Wesley Thomson 

Wesley Thomson (South Africa) is currently in his last year of his Master of Science (MSc) degree in Security Management with the University of Portsmouth (UK). His thesis is on South African Security Officers perceptions of security training and its relevance and adequacy. On completion of this degree Wesley intends on completing the MLitt in Terrorism Studies with the University of St. Andrews (Scotland).

Wesley is a former British Royal Marine and currently works as a Security Risk Management Consultant in Mumbai, India. Additionally he has working experience as a close protection officer, medic and security consultant.

A Critical Review of the Techniques and Approaches Necessary to Deliver an Effective Risk Assessment

Promoting Sector Skills in Security Risk Management

Nicholas Bradley 

Nicholas Bradley holds a Masters Degree in Terrorism Studies from St. Andrews University (UK), where his thesis explored Pakistan Counterterrorism policy towards the Pashtun Taliban. Whilst on this degree, he successfully completed an internship project that explored the experience of victims of IRA terrorism.

Additionally his paper 'Has the War on Terror ended' was accepted at the Society of Terrorism Research Annual Conference 2014. He is currently a researcher in Counterterrorism, Terrorism and International Security.

Cyberterrorism is real - is it?

We Love Death as you Love Life: Britain's Suburban Terrorists

Simon Engelkes 

Simon Engelkes is currently trying to obtain a Masters Degree in Terrorism, Security and Society at King's College London (United Kingdom). He holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin, Germany.

He also studied, for a year, at the American University of Beirut (Lebanon), where his thesis evaluated Hezbollah's security governance in Southern Beirut. Simon additionally spend some time working as an intern with a Think Tank in Pakistan.

Abu Bakr-Baghdadi's Islamic State

Hezbollah's Culture of Martyrdom

Hezbollah's Dahiyeh Security Governance

The Effects of Hezbollah's Involvement

Melissa S. Gresham 

Melissa S. Gresham is a Ph.D. student studying Public Policy and Administration specializing in Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace. She completed her Master of Science in Safety, Security, and Emergency Management with a Homeland Security emphasis and completed a Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Studies from the University of St. Andrews.

Melissa spent almost 9 years in the military, starting as a military intelligence analyst and transitioning to a helicopter pilot where she spent time in Afghanistan and Iraq. Currently she is an Adjunct Instructor, a Regional Safety Manager in Texas and Oklahoma (United States), and does contract work for Safety Programs and OSHA outreach training.

She volunteers as an International Visiting Delegate Host at the World Affaris Council. Melissa was nominated volunteer of the month March 2012 by the World Affairs Council DFW, has been featured in GI Jobs and Dallas CEO Magazines, and received numerous awards and honors throughout her military career.

Intelligence Led Policing

Matteo Pugliese 

Matteo Pugliese is graduating in Comparative Constitutional Law at the University of Genova, Italy. He spent two semesters studying abroad at the Pontificial Catholic University of Chile and the University of Zagreb (Croatia) in which Pugliese focused on anti-terrorism legislation, state of emergency and minority issues.

As an analyst he writes for the Italian geopolitical journal Limes, and for the think-tank of foreign relations ISPI. His main areas of expertise are the Balkans, the Caucasus, Latin America, NATO and terrorism. In 2013 he was appointed OSCE short-term observer to Bulgaria, during the general elections. Subsequently, in 2015, he was appointed OSCE Youth Ambassador for Italy. In this position he took part - as official rapporteur for the politico-military dimension - in the OSCE CiO conference in Belgrade (Serbia) on Radicalization.

Pugliese also visited the breakaway region of Georgia, Abkhazia, to write a report on the 2014 political crisis. He furthermore visited numerous NATO and Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) events such as the 'NATO Talk' at the Brandenburger Tor (Berlin, Germany) and international conferences in Kosovo.

Iran in the Balkans

Chile Terrorism

Italian intelligence faces new challenges in Libya and Iraq

Aliaume Leroy 

Bio will be posted soon.